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The Best Spots for Tea in Harlem

Cold weather calls for hot drinks. Nothing beats the warmth that you feel while indulging in a cup of tea. Whether you want some tea to beat the chilly temperatures or to throw shade (insert Kermit the Frog meme), cafes and bistros throughout Harlem offer a variety of exotic teas to cater to your liking.

We’re sharing three of our favorite neighborhood spots that have the best tea options. Check out the list below!

Serengeti Teas and Spices


Located on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Serengeti Teas and Spices provides a unique tea tasting experience. It doubles as a store that sells tea-related merchandise and a sit-in café. The store takes you on a global journey through their collection of teas; offering a vast assortment that was imported from Africa and other places around the globe. Some of our fall favorites include the “Ginger Turmeric Tea,” which is served with Mayer Lemons & Alfalfa Raw Honey; the “Attaya Mint Green Tea,” which is served with lemon; and the “Hibiscus Berry Tea.” Learn more about Serengeti Teas and Spices.



Nestled in a brownstone along Lenox Ave., Chaiwali is known for more than its Indian fusion cuisine. The establishment has gained popularity for their flavorful chai teas. The name “Chaiwali” is a twist on the term “Chaiwala” which refers to a male seller of tea in Pakistan and India. Some of their popular options include the “Steeped House Chai,” which consists of classic chai, milk, sugar and other spices, and the “Kashmiri Kahwa” which includes green tea, honey, and saffron. Both options are served hot or iced. Learn more about Chaiwali.

Tsion Café & Bakery


Tsion Café and Bakery brings a taste of Ethiopia to Harlem—especially through its selection of teas. The eatery boasts an amazing range of teas including the “Ethiopian Spice Tea,” which includes cardamom, clove, and cinnamon; the “Nana Tea,” which has a fresh mint taste; and the “Fresh Ginger Tea.” Learn more about Tsion Café and Bakery.

Have we missed any places? Let us know your favorite Harlem tea spots in the comments section!

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